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HYDROCER™ ceramic dampening roller

High Quality Offset Printing with the HYDROCER™ ceramic dampening roller

  • Economical concentration of fountain concentrate for adjusting the value and for wetting the white areas
  • Reliable removal of comb and cord stripes
  • Fountain solution is transferred at a high rate if required by printing material and print form
  • Extremely thin water films if required by printing material, print forms and inks
  • Rapid balancing of ink and water, especially for critical inks
  • Expansion of the dampening margin
  • Reduction of costs for concentrates
  • Printing materials almost free of fountain solution residues, especially important for food and pharmaceutical packaging

Mode of operation

Micropores on the surface of the HYDROCER™ dampening roller greatly improve the water transportation characteristics – an important advantage over chrome-plated dampening rollers. The displaced volume of the fountain solution is increased by approx. 30%

High Surface Energy

The Hydrocer™ ceramic is approximately twice as wettable as the previously used hard chromium. Also ceramic is harder and therefore more wear resistant than hard chromium. The surface properties remain constant throughout the service life of the press.