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Tribocer TM

TribocerTM coatings increase the efficiency of your printing press and reduce cleaning costs.

The following diagram shows some examples of typical applications for TribocerTM coatings in commercial printing presses:

The applications shown in the diagram are used successfully in practice. We would be pleased to give you our references that relate to your application.

TribocerTM coating systems

Due to the different demands and the desired functional properties, and depending on the area of application or the desired function of the component, a coating system specifically designed for this application is necessary. This is why the TribocerTM coating systems are relatively diverse.

We would be pleased to advise you which TribocerTM coating is suitable for your application.

Possible demands on printing press components:

  • Wear resistance
  • Ink repelling
  • Anti-adhesive properties (adhesive foil)       
  • Good gliding properties
  • Electrically conductive

TribocerTM  coated printing press components impress above all through very low ink deposits on the rollers and very high durability. Besides the comparatively high surface hardness, the secret behind the TribocerTM coating systems lies in the surface structure of the coating and the selection of a suitable sealant.

Your benefits:

The high cost savings that TribocerTM coatings offer result in a very fast ROI. Apart from prolonging the intervals between cleaning, the expenditure for cleaning is reduced considerably. This leads to higher productivity and lower costs in your printing company.

We also offer upgrades or retrofits for old rollers, which is a very inexpensive alternative.  

Send us your components for coating and see for yourself the benefits of TribocerTM coatings.