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Measuring room

In order to meet the high demands customers place on the quality and dimensional stability of our coating systems, we monitor our manufacturing with the latest quality measuring technology.

Our air-conditioned measuring room houses state-of-the-art testing and measuring instruments. These enable us to economically carry out all tests our customers require in high precision and also in large quantities.

The extensive range of testing and measuring instruments are carefully looked after by the responsible staff members. This ensures that calibrated measuring systems, which are regularly checked internally and externally in accredited testing laboratories, are available at short notice.

Rotationally symmetrical workpieces with high demands on form and position can be tested with our form measuring device. With suitable material combinations, the layer thickness is measured with a layer thickness measuring device that does not damage the surface. 

All customary surface roughness measured values (Rz, Ra, Rt, Rmr, etc.) can be recorded and documented with our roughness measuring devices. In addition to a hand-operated version, two automatic 3D coordinate measuring machines for three-dimensional tolerance monitoring and quality assurance are used.

With the aid of our highly precise 3D coordinate measuring devices and the relevant evaluation software, all geometrical values up to a measurement volume of 900 mm x 1600 mm x 600 mm can be checked, documented, and archived.

Additional testing devices are available for checking the insulation properties of our electricity insulated coatings.