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Further Information

If you would like further information, we would be very pleased to contact you for a detailed consultation. Or you can contact us at

Linde AMT Schluechtern GmbH
Breitenbacher Straße 40
36381 Schlüchtern

Phone: +49(0) 6661 9678-0
Fax: +49(0) 6661 9678-90

COATEC - a long-term partner with values and goals

A far-sighted corporate policy and the dependability of our staff have positioned COATEC as an important industry partner. Our profile is part of the way we think and act.

The success of COATEC products and services is the result of a well-balanced and far-sighted corporate policy. The commitment of all our staff is the prerequisite for providing outstanding customer solutions. The overriding objective of COATEC is satisfied customers and motivated staff.

Our principles for action are the result of this objective: 

  • We shape our business procedures in a safe and environment compatible manner
  • We observe laws and regulations
  • We convince our customers through first-class product quality, short development times, deadline reliability, and competent advisory services
  • We develop and deliver coatings that extend product life and improve process sequences and thus contribute to resource conservation
  • We regularly analyze ways and means to reduce waste and emissions, and also examine the specific usage of raw materials
  • We minimize reworking and waste
  • We analyze hazards for people and the planet in our working environment and reduce them though preventive measures
  • This means that the objective of all employees is to carry out their tasks on time and free of errors, to observe the rules of industrial safety and environment protection, and always critically examine their working environment as regards weak points and possible improvements
  • The competence the employees need for this is ensured by appropriate training measures