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Base materials

An interesting alternative to the commonly used base materials like steel and aluminum are carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) and glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP). These very rigid and strong materials are especially light. However, since the surface is not particularly wear-resistant, they must often be provided with a functional layer to increase resistance to wear, among other things.


COATEC is one of Europe’s leading providers of thermally sprayed layers in general and also on fiber-reinforced polymers.  

Thermally sprayed metal and ceramic layers on CFRP components provide new dimensions in composite construction. For demanding lightweight constructions, the individual advantages of the materials are optimally utilized and can be adapted to the given assignment. The combination of a light and rigid CFRP main body with a highly wear-resistant ceramic or hard metal layer opens up a promising new range of applications for lightweight rollers. With the same abrasion-resistance properties and dimensions, the weight is much lower than that of classic steel rollers. Other advantages that can result from the reduced weight are:

  • Less strain on bearings
  • Less drive power needed
  • Very high printing speeds
  • Low vibration, reduced oscillation
  • Minimal bending of large-format rollers